Why We Need More Rainwater Tanks

Colored Poly Pellets

Some of us might remember a time when it was illegal to place rain water tanks in the backyard of the metropolitan areas. There was also a time when we had to move our rainwater tanks from our backyards. That was when the mains supply was sent into our homes.

Since then the authorities have come a long way in encouraging rainwater tanks in the cities. Rainwater harvesting has always been popular in the rural areas, where the mains supplies don’t even go. But now, with the unpredictable climate, our rainfall patterns are changing drastically. The levels of dams are going down at a shocking rate. All our major cities have water restrictions, and the future could be a bleak national disaster movie if we didn’t do our bit to save as much water as we could to reduce the pressure on the system.

That is why the authorities at the local and state levels are stirring up and encouraging the use of water storage tanks to harvest rainfall. This is the water that will not come from desalination plants or dams. Even if each household doesn’t manage to harvest 100,000 litres of water in a year from rainfall (what a catchment area of 250 sq metres in Sydney can save), a lot of water would still be saved.

Many responsible people are now using the rainwater they collect for gardening, filling their pools and even for indoor use such as laundry and flushing toilets. Rainwater is also good for drinking, especially if you pass it through a water filter. And with the government giving us additional rebate incentives to make our water supply sustainable, surely there’s no reason to not comply!

Tanks are no longer eyesores, but there are a variety of colours tanks to poly tanks, but you can select from slimline water tanks or even underground water tanks. If you are in Australia and after a quality rainwater tank, then I highly recommend checking out Tank Shop.

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