Choosing Tanks the Feng Shui Way

Fen Shui Water Tanks

Fen Shui Water TanksIf you want to apply Chinese Feng Shui practices to Australian water tanks, it will not only be an interesting cross-cultural experience, but you may really be able to strike a balance in your home environment and attract wealth and harmony. If this is something that interests you, then you should pay attention to where you place your water tanks and the shape of the unit you buy.

Whether you buy and overhead tank or an underground tank, Feng Shui will dictate where you must place it. Whether you buy a round or angular tank will also affect the harmony in your home.

In Feng Shui, water is a source of ‘chi’ or energy. This positive energy is good to have in your home. But, the Chinese believe, if you don’t place it in the right place, it can have the opposite effect. It would bring in negative ‘chi’, which we definitely don’t want.

Round tanks are more wholesome. Corners pointing at your home may already give you a vague sense of unease. According to Feng Shui, pools, water tanks and ponds must be round or oval shaped, or else they attract sha. Sha is bad chi, which brings bad fortune.

Water tanks should not overwhelm the size of your home. Make sure that the size of your water tank is not too large for your home or roof. Too much energy is bad for you, like too much of anything.

Water tanks should not be located above the ceiling or behind the house. Since water chi flows downwards, it’s not good to have your tank located above your ceiling. Also, having it behind your home will only bring missed opportunities and frustration, so make sure that it’s either at the front of your home or along the sides.

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