Benefits Of Water Tank Liners

Water Tank In Australian Outback

The last thing you need in the middle of a drought are old water storage tanks that begin to leak. Even worse, your drinking water can start to taste odd as is the case with old concrete tanks. That’s where tank liners can come in to your rescue. Liners are made to be tough, hard to puncture, and stretchable to reduce stress on them.

There are different kinds of liners depending on the purpose for which you use the water in your tank. PVC liners are usually not good for water storage tanks holding drinking water. Polyethylene liners are usually used for potable water. However, the polyethylene must be UV stable, to prevent the wear and tear of the material due to the sun’s rays.

In a country where the temperature can change by as much as 30 degrees in a day, it’s important to have a tough tank liner that is nevertheless stretchable. This will prevent it from cracking with all the heating and cooling going on.

You can use tank liners to increase the life of your old tank by an astounding degree. Fix up an old concrete tank with a strong several-layered polyethylene liner with fibre reinforcing, and you can expect to push back the time when you have to replace your old storage tank.

When buying your water storage tank liner, check for certifications and make sure that it’s made in Australia rather than in China or elsewhere, where manufacturers will have no idea about the weather conditions here.¬†Optionally, you can look into purchasing a water tank made from polyethylene.

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